wow toy story 3 did you have to be such a fucking disappointment

Toy Story 3 is just phoning it in.

Everyone: “Sir, we recommend that we bombard them with over-saturation, extreme contrast and gratuitous lens-flares!”
Baby Kirk: *looks up*
BK: *tacit OK*
Spock: “Oh, fuck the prime directive, in other words!”

These are all just so full of amazing. 

Every cat’s human does this. Every single one.*poke**claws out*

Every cat’s human does this. Every single one.

*claws out*

I love Photoshop Battles. But this one in particular? Genius. OMG, the 

Maggie Gyllenhaal/Secretary one! Bwwaaaahahaha!

Olivia is now a Merida fan.

Olivia is now a Merida fan.


Sir Patrick Stewart being flawless and James McAvoy laughing his ass off

OK! Who has the link to this. 

This is kind of old now, but just so damn good, I have to archive it on my tumblr.

Oh gee, now there’s a “happy” thought. FFS. >.<



One day we’ll be in a Marvel movie, sitting there as something doesn’t feel right. and as the credits start to roll we’ll know what it is. It will flash up on screen and our hearts will break. “In loving memory of Stan Lee”. There was no cameo in that movie. And there never will be again.